Next Step Orthopaedics provides you with the most advanced equipment available today.  In doing so, we work with a multitude of companies and services to customize your needs.  On this page is a list of companies and products we commonly use.  We welcome inquiries on other products and services you may be interested in. 

Other Services

Next Step Orthopaedics takes pride in our ability to handle unusual or uncommon circumstances. We use our prosthetic and orthotic specialties to provide you with an array of unique and custom sports prosthesis (Golf and Running), training prosthesis, cosmetically life-like prosthesis, Proximal Focal Deficiency (PFFD) prosthesis, Sub-Ischial Negative Suction Above Knee Sockets, and many other services that can help your needs.

At Next Step Orthopaedics, we create a team with our patients, physicians, and therapists to provide quality care and achieve the best results possible.

We welcome all inquiries from patients, physicians, and therapists.  Please do not hesitate to contact one of our practitioners to discuss how Next Step Orthopaedics can assist you with your prosthetic or orthotic needs.
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